Princess Twilight Sparkle has an announcement to make!


Greetings Friends of Equestria,

Recently my friends and I shared our own stories of friendship – lessons we have learned and wanted to share with you. As the Princess of Friendship I want to make such lessons available to all.

So I am happy to announce the opening of the Friendship Library. With your help, I dream of building a large collection of stories and lessons about friendship from which we can all draw wisdom.

I ask you all, please send your own friendship lessons to me and they will be collected and made available for everypony’s benefit!

Thank you in advance.

The Princess of Friendship,

Twilight Sparkle


If you wish to respond to her request, please send your friendship story/lesson to As mentioned, please make your lessons be in-universe. The most common characters to respond would be pegasi, unicorns, or earth ponies. Other less-common races that would be around and inclined to respond include cows, donkeys, griffons, diamond dogs, bat ponies, and crystal ponies. Far less common (either due to scarcity in the area or lack of interest in this sort of thing) would be deer, zebras, yaks, hippogriffs, changelings, dragons, minotaurs, centaurs, miscellaneous anthropomorphic animal races, etc.

For examples of friendship lessons, listen to Hoof And Sword episode 0 as well as this compilation of friendship lessons in the MLP show:


Contact us on at @hoofandsword or by email at Your gamepony is @Bapperson, Eli is @TheVikingBear__, Emily is @Rootstock, Gwynn is @GwynnAndTonic, and Heidi is @PandaBumHah.

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